Trumix dilution control means you get the right mix every time, so you can get the cleaning power you need, at a significant cost savings.

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Trumix Dilution Control Is an Innovator in Cleaning Chemical Delivery

Trumix Dilution Control isn’t just a product line, it’s a whole system that helps a business take control of the way its cleaning chemicals are used. A full range of cleaning chemicals means the company can create a one-stop shop for all its cleaning needs. Our dispenser line offers numerous systems to simplify the management of chemicals by dispensing precise amounts of concentrated cleaning solutions. And if there’s an accessory needed to make the system work better, we’ve probably thought of it and made it available, after all, we’ve been doing this for quite a while.

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Trumix Dilution Control Chemical Usage Chart

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Trumix Dilution Control Chemical Usage Chart

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Our Trumix line of dilution chemicals are formulated to provide cleaning power at just the right blend to get the job done. This is a supply solution that can benefit any budget and can be versatile and expandable addition to any facility management program.


Whether you need to employ dispensers for a single chemical or two at different locations around your facility or have one central location for all your cleaning chemicals under the watchful eye of a supervisor, we have the system that’s right for you.


Our accessories can change the game in managing cleaning supplies. And because they are designed for our system, they’re going to work with it seamlessly and effectively, no matter what dispenser and chemicals you select.