Training Ensures Effective Cleaning

Fuller Industries makes chemicals suitable for any cleaning job or maintenance program, but they can truly be effective and efficient when they are applied properly. That’s where a solid training program comes in. Educating staff members from their first week on the correct application of cleaning chemicals will improve results, reduce waste, save time, and ensure safety.

Fuller Technical Institute Is a Training Resource

Fuller Industries founded Fuller Technical Institute to be the premier informational resource for janitorial and custodial services, and the distributors that supply them with cleaning products.

Selecting the right product to tackle any situation means reviewing all the factors and making the best choice of cleaning product and method.

Considerations include the type of soil, stain, or contamination, as well as the kind of surface material at hand, and its condition, be it rough or polished concrete, ceramic tile, carpet, glass, or bare metal.

The temperature at the time of the incident and the availability of hot water may play a role in the decision process, as will the ability to provide agitation, using a cleaning tool or machine.

Other environmental factors may present a range of challenges, because they encompass not only the physical space but also the people who occupy it or soon will arrive. Also, knowledge of regulations regarding the use of certain cleaning products around bystanders may have an impact on the way the situation is managed. Still another factor is the time sensitivity of the contamination. It can be a judgment call about whether the cleaning or maintenance project should be tackled during business hours or when staff or customers are less likely to be present.

And finally the cost enters into consideration, as labor, chemicals, equipment investment, and downtime all play a role in any maintenance program.

Fuller Technical Institute training addresses all of these factors and will continue to provide resources and tools to help address any situation that can arise.

Commercial Cleaning Training Sections

To ensure our distributors and end users have access to our training resources and videos, we provide them in both English and Spanish versions. See our specific training pages for details and information.

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