Fuller Industries: The Brands and the People Who Stand Behind Them

At Fuller Industries, we manufacture commercial cleaning products, and we also have custom capabilities that allow us to reach a huge base of direct customers. Our focus on the diverse needs of valued customers and distributor partners means we can take an approach that’s a little bit different to what folks may see out there.

Some companies do one thing really well and choose to focus an entire business on that line. And whether those companies are building a better mousetrap or beating a dead horse, well, that’s up to the market to decide.

Cleaning Chemicals for Every Job

Our approach is a little bit different. On one hand we produce industrial cleaning chemicals that help make people’s lives easier and give businesses and institutions ways to keep their facilities clean and sanitary. We also produce various hard goods that complement our chemical brands, and it’s all made in America. We work with numerous distributors across the country to get these chemicals and hard goods to their end users, and we share information and try to maximize the effectiveness of our line. Our customers appreciate the results they see and frequently consider our other products.

Custom Sourcing of Brushes, Molded Plastics, and More

On the other hand, we also have direct customers who come to us for our unique expertise in custom manufactured goods. Whether they’re looking for a custom brush that will serve a specific function when installed in a piece of farm machinery, clean a bore on an aeronautic jet-engine turbine, remove the baked-on carbon from an industrial-oven conveyor belt, or successfully complete some other function we don’t even know about yet, our customers know if they come to us with a need for a brush that’s not readily available off the shelf, we can produce it. Likewise, we can provide our customers with a source for custom-molded plastics, and can even formulate branded cleaning supplies to augment their product lines.

What do these business lines have in common? The most important thing, of course: Our customers. We understand that when a company decides to throw in with us, it’s not the company, but the people who work there who make that decision. That means something to us, and it’s a two-way street. When you call Fuller Industries, you’re calling the people at Fuller, and when we answer the line, we’re going to listen to your situation, and try to figure out the best way to help.

The Brands of Fuller Industries

Learn more about our brands and how our people can help you.

Franklin Cleaning Technology

Janitorial professionals rely on Franklin Cleaning Technology and its innovative solutions to facility cleaning and maintenance. Customers can find everything they need in the Franklin line to keep everything welcoming, clean, and code-compliant, whether it’s for food service, carpet care, floor care, bathrooms, window cleaning, and more. Distributors will be able to fill out offerings with Franklin products—choices that customers know to be reliable and consistent—and find new customers with their expanded product line. Learn more about Franklin Cleaning Technology.

Fuller Custom Brush

We make brushes, and we always have. Our custom brushes are built to the exacting specifications and strict tolerances that our industrial and institutional customers are seeking. We’re a resource for companies looking for brush suppliers who understand the difference. We’re here to help with any industrial brush needs, and deliver great products with unmatched customer service. Since we make custom products, and you are the customer, that’s all we both will need to know. Learn more about Fuller Custom Brush and the capabilities that keep our customers coming back.

Fuller Plastics

If you can imagine it, Fuller Plastics can mold it to your specification using injection, rotational, or blow molding methods. In addition, our plastics division offers design assistance to help you get the specs just right and make sure your part lives up to the mission you have envisioned for it. Create the plastic product or part you want, with the inventive customer service of Fuller Industries to back you up. Learn about what Fuller Plastics can do for you.

Simple Hygiene

Simple Hygiene offers a selection of hand soaps and sanitizers and the dispensers that make them accessible and easy to use. A hand hygiene program for a business doesn’t have to be complicated. These tools will create a program designed around the needs of your facility. Learn more about Simple Hygiene.

Fuller Private Label

At Fuller, we understand: Building a business and a brand that folks put their trust in is not something to fritter away. You want your brand to stand for quality and you want your customers to make that connection in their heads and keep coming back. You don’t put your brand name on just any product out there. Fuller makes its private-label products for your company to the same high standards we use for our own product lines. Learn more about Fuller Private Label cleaning products and hard goods and how they can help set you apart from your competitor.

Trumix Dilution Control

Trumix Dilution Control is about delivering cleaning power in innovative ways that save time, money, and chemicals. It’s complete range of cleaning chemicals makes Trumix a one-stop shop for all customers’ cleaning needs. Start knowledgeable customers off with a selection of dispensers that allow them to simplify the management of chemicals. Calculate how dispensing precise amounts of concentrated cleaning solutions can make the most of customers’ budgets and see how our line of accessories can ensure the system deliver the performance everyone needs. Learn more about Trumix Dilution Control.