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Fuller Custom Brush changed the world of brush making forever with the advent of the Fullergript® design. This process started a revolution because it allowed our customers to have an economical way to incorporate game-changing brush technology into a wide array of commercial applications.

How does the process of creating a coil brush work? We start with a basic building block—the Fullergript design. By taking that brush strip and winding it on a mandrel or shaft, we produce a coil brush. But this style of brush is truly customizable to the customer specification.

Several factors allow us to manipulate the end result. By varying the backing size of the brush strip chosen, we’re able to vary the brush density proportionately to the size of the backing. The lead of the coil, or the distance between wraps, affects the working surface of the brush and its performance. If continuous or consistent contact between the brush and the work surface is required, the brush should be constructed with a close-wound coil with no lead. When a brush works with aggregate, grain, or debris, an open lead is recommended.

How Are Coil Brushes Used?

Coil brushes, sometimes known as rotary brushes, are often used for cleaning conveyors in an industrial setting, but because of the Fullergript revolution, they can now be adapted to a wide variety of uses across a range of markets and industries. Sometimes coil brushes are used for screen cleaning or glass washing, or panel dusting. They are also employed in lint removal, washing of fruits and vegetables, and even in material handling, functioning as screws and augers.

Depending on the use and the clients specific need, we offer a range of brush fill materials, including nylon, bassine, goat and horsehair, stainless steel, Tampico, polyester, polypropylene, and steel. But don’t worry if this list does not include what you’re looking for: We will work with you to figure out exactly the best way to create your custom brush.

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