Companies looking to expand their commercial cleaning line will find Franklin Cleaning Technology is the single source for a diverse range of high-quality products made in the USA.

Ready To Use Food Service Floor Care TET Mobile Dilution Disinfectants Carpet Care Aerosols Automotive Care Restroom Care

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Solving Problems Through Innovation and Reliability

Franklin Cleaning Technology made its name by solving problems. Janitorial and sanitation professionals rely on the Franklin Cleaning Technology brand to come up with innovative solutions to the problems that face the staff charged with maintaining a facility and ensuring it is clean, code-compliant, and welcoming. While that business is enough to keep anyone busy, we noticed that many of our technological innovations would translate to other sectors and drove us to create a line for food service and automotive needs. If you don’t see something that will solve a problem you have, maybe you’re not looking closely enough… at your problems.

Explore Our Complete Line of Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Ready To Use

Simply grab it go. For cleaning teams who are accustomed to the effective chemicals in our whole line, these Ready To Use products make sense to keep on hand for “spot jobs” and other quick-response projects, or they can be employed in a regular cleaning program.

Professional Food Service

Keeping work surfaces, pots and pans, and tableware clean and sanitary is the nature of our business, and our line lets your line keep it moving. And because Franklin Cleaning Technology products are distributed far and wide, it’s easy to maintain a supply. After all, those hungry diners don’t stop just because you run out of dishwasher detergent or clean pots and pans.

Commercial Floor Care

Make your floors gleam and glow while protecting the surface and the hundreds of people that walk on them every day. Our philosophy is simple, take care of floors and keep up with them, and they’ll last a good long time. Our products are easy to use and fit into a manpower plan.

TET Mobile Dilution

Following the instructions on these dilution-ready chemicals gives you the best results, every time. And by going this route, a cleaning crew can have the big-jug performance without storing and moving those large, heavy containers. Dial in the dilution and build your program of often-used chemicals today.


As people become more sensitive to infection and spread of disease, disinfectants have gotten a lot of attention. We make something for everyone, with a line that can create the kind of confidence your customers need to serve their clients and thrive.

Carpet Care

Floor coverings are an investment that can pay you back over the long haul with the proper care and attention. Unfortunately many carpet instllations don’t always get the care they need. With Franklin Cleaning Technology, we have created solutions that are hard on stains while preserving the hard-wearing pile and keep it looking good.


The convenience of aerosol spray means a light, even coat makes everything in this line work that much better. We can our own formulations to tackle the myriad tasks that make up a work week.

Bathroom Care

No one ever judges a facility on the cleanliness of its restroom facilities. Of course, that statement is true only when everything is up to par. Make the most of a chance to make a good first impressions with products designed for the job.

Automotive Care

Success means paying attention to the details. Any automotive professional will tell you, when you’re missing even just one tool, the service you’re performing becomes that much harder. Our line focuses on keeping cars and trucks running right and looking good.