A hand hygiene program for a business doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple Hygiene offers a selection of hand soaps and sanitizers and the dispensers that make them accessible and easy to use. These tools will create a program designed around the needs of your facility.

Soaps and Sanitizers Dispensers and Accessories

Trust Simple Hygiene

With Simple Hygiene, you’re in good hands. Our products help you take care of the folks that visit your facility, with antibacterial hand soaps and body wash, as well as hand sanitizer in both alcohol and alcohol-free varieties. And with a variety of dispensers suited to your needs, Simple Hygiene can supply a hand hygiene program you can trust.

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Soaps and Sanitizers

No matter what route you want to take for clean hands, Simple Hygiene offers a range of antibacterial hand soaps, body wash, and hand sanitizer in both alcohol and alcohol-free varieties in long-lasting refills.

Dispensers and Accessories

Keep the soap and sanitizer on hand with easy to use and maintain dispensers and the accessories needed for a tidy installation.