AQ+ Ultra is a highly concentrated disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer.

Answer Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner

Answer™ Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner works aggressively to release carpet soils in 4 ways – as a spotter, a pre-spray, a spin clean and an extraction cleaner.

This unique formulation satisfies many carpet cleaning requirements and provides safe/carefree maintenance of carpets. As a spotter it removes tough soils such as food, pet stains and even dirty motor oil. As a pre-spray, spin clean or extraction cleaner it brings these tough soils away from the carpet fibers without leaving a residue that can attract soils. AnswerTM Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner is formulated with a fresh apple scent and looks like apple cider.

F380422 – 4/1 gal.

F380438 – 1/55 gal. drum (special order)

F380408 – 1/275 gal. tote (special order)