Summertime Is Cleaning Time

Cleaning-supply distributors who understand the ebb and flow of how their customers do business can capitalize on the quiet times as well as the busy ones. Consider the reduced foot traffic and empty offices that some businesses and institutions see during the summer season: Shortened hours, such as summer Friday schedules and company-wide vacation policies, can give building managers a good chance to clean common areas and give tenant offices a deep cleaning that would be very inconvenient at other times. Summer is a terrific time to look at two areas that can present challenges: Carpet and glass.

First let’s get down to business. Cleaning carpets completely and thoroughly can be a challenge for janitorial teams. There’s no better time to refresh the carpets in high-traffic areas with a deep clean. Maintaining carpets is an investment that gives back over the years, and Fuller Commercial has a range of products to keep these expensive floor coverings looking their best for a long time.

Empty offices make for quick work, even on big jobs.

Answer™ Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner can be used as a pre-spray treatment, a spin clean, and an extraction cleaner, as well as a spot treatment for tough stains. Answer provides a safe way to maintain a wide range of carpets in line with their cleaning requirements, thanks to its unique formulation, which removes dirt and stains from carpet fibers without leaving any sort of residue, which can cause them to become soiled again.

Super Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo generates a dry foam. Use it with rotary machines, brushes, or even with commercial equipment that is very effective with dry-foam shampoo. The formulation cleans deep into the pile and captures the soil, where it lies on the surface to be vacuumed up. The shampoo simultaneously treats each fiber with a stain-resistant coating.

Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner provides a combination of ingredients formulated perfectly for hot-water extraction systems. Use it for the most aggressive carpet cleaning on areas that are loaded with tough soils, where surface cleaning just won’t cut it.

Fuller also offers an ultra-concentrated foam eliminator for carpet-extraction and automatic-scrubber recovery tanks. This Defoamer is part of the T.E.T.® line of concentrates, in a special engineered bottle that allows accurate dilution for the correct solution. The Defoamer speeds carpet cleaner by eliminating foam in recovery tanks of hot and cool systems.

Sometimes a customer will have a carpet that has become so dirty it seems like it won’t come back and look good, even when it has been cleaned using the typical methods. That’s when you bring your client the one-two punch of our Answer™ Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner and Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner. This combination is proven to bring back heavily soiled carpets in environments including schools, restaurants, and industrial offices.

Take out spots with HyperOx™, our all-purpose ready-to-use stain remover that we formulate with proprietary biodegradable surfactants and hydrogen peroxide for highly effective, reduced toxicity cleaning.

For any customer with a carpet, our 2’n 1 Rug Spotter is a must-have. Because it’s a water-based spotter it can be used daily to keep up with stains and spots, and it also pre-treats spots before a large-scale cleaning. It removes oil, grease, and water-based soils.

Brown “Bee” Gone RTU removes browning-type stains from carpet, especially those caused by coffee, red wine, rust, tea, tannin, and more, using the power of citric acid.

It’s clear as day, washing windows and glass partitions in the office during the daytime makes the job easier and more efficient—and the best time to do that is in an empty office. Fuller Commercial has a line of glass-cleaning products that make a summer cleanup more effective. Your customers can use our cleaners to eliminate smudges, fingerprints, and grease and smoke film inside, and smog, insect residue, water spots and more on exterior windows and doors.l the better to make that summertime cleanup more effective.

A clear view through clean glass can make a difference on those long summer days.

Fullsparkle® is a concentrated, professional-grade, premium window cleaner, combining cleaning solvents and ammonia to provide fast and efficient cleaning. The formula dilutes up to 1:20 for economical use.\

Customers will like the sound of less labor costs: Our Ammoniated Glass Cleaner cuts cleaning time in half and dissolves greasy residues to leave glass clean and sparkling, with no unsightly streaks or smears.

Franklin Cleaning Technologies Glass Cleaner is ready for squeegee time. This low-foaming, spray product is a blend of ingredients that suspends grease and soils. It penetrates and dissolves smudges, oily marks, and a whole lot more from glass and reflective surfaces, leaving them clean and streak-free. Contains a special blend of ingredients for excellent soil suspension and removal. Works especially well with a squeegee.

T.E.T. Glass Cleaner is a low-VOC, multi-solvent blend that cuts through dirt, grease and grime to leave glass smudge and streak-free. Our convenient “No Decision Mixing” dispensing bottle means one squeeze makes one quart of ready-to-use solution, and makes it easy to use on mirrors, Plexiglas®, acrylic, stainless steel, chrome, countertops, tabletops and more.

For a ready-to-use ammoniated glass cleaner that offers the speed of maximum strength in a quick-drying formula, customers need look no further than Spray ‘n Sparkle is for cleaning windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, and enameled surfaces.

TruMix #8 Glass Cleaner is formulated to clean effectively and is safer for the environment. Because it’s highly concentrated, less is needed Packaged for use in the Trumix® DC2 Chemical Management System.