Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer: Sustainable Solutions

Even a nicely appointed restroom becomes less appealing when there’s no soap available.

How often have you been in a public restroom only to find the wall-mounted soap dispenser empty, and a hand pump of soap on the edge of the sink—also empty! And the only thing worse than not having a hand-sanitizer dispenser by the door is having one, with nothing in it.

As the world’s latest health crisis begins to wind down and making emergency runs to big-box stores, drugstores, supermarkets, and anywhere else your friends clue you in there’s a few bottles of hand sanitizer. There’s no chance that our needs for hand soap and hand sanitizer will dry up and become a thing of the past—everyone knows hand-washing and sanitizing is here to stay.

Well-organized facilities managers have figured out their monthly needs for these products. Those that stock their facilities with Fuller Commercial products may find these items have become just another item on the shopping list, but still others may not even realize it could make sense—both for convenience, consistency, and cost—to incorporate long-term answers. Fuller Commercial can fulfill the needs of any facility or commercial establishment with our Simple Hygiene line of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and dispensers.

The simplicity of our product line means buyers can find everything they need without being paralyzed by choice. We don’t create questions by offering different-size containers, or bottles that don’t fit in dispensers, or soaps in fashion colors to match your restroom tile. There is a clear need here: hand soaps and hand sanitizers that are easy for patrons and guests to use, that are easy for janitorial staff to manage, and easy to keep in stock.

Hand soaps come in three varieties: Simply Green Hand and Body Soap, Gentle Foam Hand and Body Soap, and Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap. The first two are smart choices if the facilities offers shower facilities or locker rooms. While locker-room patrons may not rely on the soap for their regimen, it’s good to offer something formulated for the task. The Gentle Foam and Antibacterial Foam soaps have a pleasant a citrus scent, and all three varieties are gentle on the skin and clean without leaving a residue.

The hand sanitizers come in two kinds, Foaming Hand Sanitizer and Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer, and both kill germs and microbes effectively. The foaming hand sanitizer follows CDC recommendations for hand sanitizer with 62 percent alcohol content. The alcohol-free variety uses benzalkonium chloride as an active ingredient. Some people think the alcohol-free hand sanitizer is easier on the hands, or that it’s safer to have around in case of accidental ingestion. Many people have become accustomed to using hand sanitizers as part of their hand-hygiene routine, and most are appreciative when it’s offered by doorways, elevators, kitchen areas, and restrooms.

All soaps and hand sanitizers are available in 1,000 ml bags (six per case) that are designed to fit in our dispensers. The dispensers come in two styles, either push button or touch-free, and they come in two colors. These will go with any room décor, since we offer them in black or white. Drip trays and dispenser locks are available as accessories to keep them neat, tidy, and on the premises.

Every facility owner can show they care about their customers, patrons, and guests by offering hand soap and sanitizer. Sometimes choice is a luxury. Other times, it just slows you down. Keep it simple and add our hand hygiene program to your next order. It’s all in the name: Simple Hygiene.