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AQ+ Ultra is a highly concentrated disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer.

Earth-Gard HyperOx Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Earth-Gard™ HyperOx™ is an all purpose cleaner/degreaser formulated with biodegradable surfactants and hydrogen peroxide. This extremely versatile product can be used at four different dilution ratios to provide highly effective and reduced toxicity cleaning across a wide range of facility cleaning needs including glass, floors, spray & wipe cleaning, general degreasing, bathroom & shower room cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and restoration, carpet spotting and extraction, stainless steel cleaning and odor elimination.

9781 – 4/1 gal.

Earth-Gard™ HyperOx™ is a hydrogen peroxide all purpose cleaner/degreaser formulated for use on any water washable surface as well as carpet. Always dilute in properly labeled end use containers.

pH – 2.5 ± 0.5

Appearance – Clear Liquid

Fragrance – None Added

Solubility in Water – Complete

Prior to use read all directions and warnings. Always test surfaces for compatibility in hidden area.

Dilute 1/2 oz. per gallon of cold, tap water

  • Streak-Free Glass, Mirror and Stainless Steel Cleaning
    • Light Duty Spray and Wipe Applications
    • General Floor Cleaning for Mopping and Auto Scrubbers
    • Bonnet Cleaning Solution for Carpets

Dilute 1 oz. per gallon of cold, tap water

  • Mopping for Restrooms and Heavily Soiled Floors
    • Medium Duty Spray and Wipe Applications
    • Carpet Spot Remover and Extraction Solution

Dilute 5 oz. per gallon of cold, tap water

  • Restroom Cleaner – Cleans and Deodorizes Urinals, Bowls, Counters and Fixtures, Shower and Locker Room Cleaner, Deodorizes and Removes Soap Scum and Oil from all Surfaces
    • Tile and Grout Cleaner
    • General Degreaser
    • Urinal and Garbage Odor Eliminator
    • Heavy Soil and Wipe-down Cleaner
    • Carpet Extraction Prespray and Heavy Spot Remover (extract with water)

Dilute 5-10 oz. per gallon of cold, tap water

  • For Heavy Duty Degreasing Applications
    • Difficult Odor Destruction
    • Tough Soil and Grime Removal
    • Stubborn Stain



Q3-ethoxylated alcohols NJTS#36041932