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AQ+ Ultra is a highly concentrated disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer.

Clearinse Plus

Clearinse Plus® is a heavy-duty foaming cleaner/degreaser for use in meat rooms and other food processing areas. Applied with a foam unit, the cleaning foam will effectively emulsify grease and loosen other soils. The soils can then be easily rinsed away, leaving a clean, residue-free surface. Clearinse Plus® can be applied with a spray bottle, foam unit, or in a mop and bucket. The highly effective grease cutting foam can be used on equipment, walls, floors, display cases, utensils, etc.


F213622- 4/1 gal.

F213638 – 1/55 drum

Remove all food and food packaging items before using this product. Dismantle all appropriate equipment parts. Scrape or brush away all heavy soil deposits on machines, equipment, floors and walls. Dispose of debris.

pH – 13.25 ± 0.35

Appearance – Clear, Orange Liquid

Fragrance – Solvent

Freezing Point –  About 32°F

Solubility in Water – Complete

Flash Point >200°F

Foam Gun:

  1. Dilute at 4 ounces per gallon of hot water (1:32 ratio) or use appropriate metering tip in foam gun or dilution station.
  2. Apply the diluted product. Agitate with brush as required.
  3. Rinse with clean, hot potable water. Squeegee excess water into a drain or pick up with a wet/dry vacuum.

General Cleaning: 

  1. Dilute at 4 ounces per gallon of hot water (1:32 ratio) for general cleaning.
  2. Apply the diluted product with a sprayer. Agitate with a brush as required. On ovens or hoods use a spray bottle and wipe immediately. Soak dirty pans in the sink and rinse.
  3. Rinse with clean, hot potable water.

Note: If sanitation step is required, use a quality Franklin sanitizer after degreasing or cleaning with Clearinse Plus® .

Water – 7732-18-5

Dipropylene glycol methyl ether – 34590-94-8

Potassium dodecylbenzenesulfonate – 27177-77-1

Sodium xylene sulfonate – 1300-72-7

Potassium Hydroxide – 1310-58-3

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate – 68439-57-6