Learn About the Innovation Engine Behind Fuller Commercial

Innovation means creating new formulations to solve problems our end users face—and it’s good for business.

At Fuller Commercial, we understand the challenges faced by those who distribute janitorial and sanitation chemicals to those who maintain facilities or provide janitorial or services to commercial buildings, institutions, and other businesses. We know about limited resources and expanding needs, and helping partners to meet expectations for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for employees, clients, guests, and tenants.

We also know about taking pride in a job well done. Sometimes that means doing the job as well as we’ve always done, while looking for ways to improve the process and expand its effectiveness: We help our customers hit targets, and they help us hit ours. By sharing insight, we learn how a task could be done better and more efficiently. At Fuller, we implement those steps to establish new goals and achieve them. And we always remember it’s important to have a little fun along the way.

Our brands, FullPro, TruMix, Simple Hygiene, and Franklin Cleaning Technology all deliver on that Fuller Commercial promise: Understanding your business to make you more effective at meeting your goals.

  • FullPro provides our partners with a product line that includes disinfectants, cleaners and degreasers, floor cleaners, strippers, finishes and sealers, deodorizers and specialty cleaners, complete lines of aerosols and ready-to-use products, cleaning chemicals for professional kitchens, and institutional laundry products, as well as hard goods.
  • Trumix delivers commercial-grade cleaning power in innovative ways that save time, money, and chemicals.
  • With Simple Hygiene, a hand-health regimen doesn’t have to be complicated, and we offer our partners ways to deliver a selection of hand soaps and sanitizers as well as dispensers to make them readily accessible.
  • Franklin Cleaning Technology distributors can provide their customers with everything they need to clean and maintain any size facility, whether it’s for window washing, cleaning bathrooms, carpet and floor care, specific needs for food service, and more.

Running through the core of all of our brands are the principles of Fuller Industries, where everyone, from the team on the manufacturing floor to the front office is focused on the future and constantly improving our products, processes, and partnerships.

“We have capabilities in a lot of different areas, and sometimes Fuller divisions serve as each other’s own vertical partners,” says Mark Chalfant, CEO of Fuller Industries, LLC. “We’re always looking for ways to apply what we’ve learned and bring additional resources or new products across different divisions to increase synergy.”

Because Fuller operates multiple divisions, our company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of innovative thinking and apply it up and down our production line. With the mindset of achieving customer satisfaction in all of our divisions, including Fuller Custom Products and Fuller Custom Plastics, we’re able to apply our learning to challenges across the board.

“Across all of our brands, we deal with a lot of technical chemistries, from a composition standpoint,” says Brett Hughes, vice president of sales and marketing for Fuller Industries. “But it’s knowing how to use them where we’re really different. Our teams take on various interactions with customers that let us use our knowledge to adapt our thinking. Our customer service teams address application questions, and they are frontline problem solvers. But they also are a source for good ideas from customers.”

Other team members are engineering chemicals to achieve target results specified by clients. The knowledge we’re gaining is shared and applied across business divisions to ensure corporate knowledge growth. This agility lets us grow our brand product lines, not for the sake of more choices, but for the sake of finding the right choices. Our focus on innovation and investment in technology will help us be more responsive and adaptable.

While the right product goes a long way to getting the job done, at Fuller we know that support is a key factor to our products being effective and helping our distributor partners achieve their goals. That’s why we’ve redoubled our efforts to make sure it’s easy for our distributors to get and share the information their customers need, with technical and safety information, and the proper training and instruction materials to ensure proper use of all of our products.

“Our distributors are our partners,” Chalfant says. “It’s our goal to help them thrive, and that means finding answers and creating solutions they won’t find anywhere else. FullPro, Franklin, Trumix, and Simple Hygiene each are here to meet their needs, and provide access to our integrated manufacturing capabilities, to help their businesses grow and prosper.”