Fuller Industries, Inc., Shares Initial Communique Regarding International Monkeypox Outbreak

Given the recent multi-country outbreak of monkeypox in non-endemic countries and the emergence of confirmed cases in United States and Canada, Fuller has initiated the first stage of our pandemic preparedness measure—highlighting awareness and prevention.

At this point the Fuller Industries staff and and all of our clients should be cognizant of a preparation approach, not panic approach, to managing an initial outbreak response. In the first stage of our pandemic-planning response, there is no specific identified threat to business continuity but there is an increased focus on communication and awareness-based measures.

This first communique will focus on the nature of the disease and developing proactive measures within our functions and capabilities. Success of any pandemic plan requires a cohesive global approach to effectively manage the threat of infection.

Information summarized in this communique was referenced from credible organizations and may serve useful as a method of information sharing to begin proactive countermeasures should the disease enter our communities and neighborhoods.

Download Fuller Industries, Inc., Monkeypox (Orthopoxvirus) Communique #1 here.