Degreasing Like a Pro

Grease is part of the daily routine in a professional-grade kitchen, and so is getting rid of it.

Recently watching an old spy movie gave us pause—the secret agent’s car was rigged to spray oil all over the road and make the bad guys chasing him slide into a ditch, out of control. Now all good fun aside, in real life that would create an unsafe situation, and also make a real mess of the road.

It reminded us that grease and oily residue on surfaces can present a real problem. From industrial shop floors to commercial kitchen surfaces, grease and oil may need to be targeted in a daily cleaning regimen. Still other situations warrant spot cleaning due to less common circumstances, such as a maintenance project or equipment leak, where lubricants or hydraulic fluid get on surfaces they shouldn’t.

The proper cleaners target grease and oil and hold it in suspension—using the wrong cleaner may just spread the spill around. Still another aspect of grease and oil soiling is the odor it introduces to a space. It can linger even after cleaning, and make people feel like there’s still residue around when the spill or spot has been removed.

Fuller makes several degreasers in a variety of formulations that are up to the task for any number of degreasing jobs. Some are suitable for regular use in public-facing areas including hotel rooms, dining areas, vehicles, schools, and more. Others take on the spills where the work gets done and clean up concrete, machinery and machine parts, tools, concrete, enamel-coated metal, ventilators, and stoves and ovens.

The key with these degreasers is to follow the directions for use on the label. Many people think, if a little is effective, a lot will make it work better, or faster, or both. The truth is, we know our cleaning chemicals better than anyone, and it’s important to use these professional-grade chemicals as we suggest. The chemical will be effective, the problem will be solved, the task will be accomplished, and the budget for cleaning supplies will last the whole year, as it was intended.

Many of our distributors make certain to stock some of these formulas to keep them handy for customers, for quick delivery, but they also know we’re here to provide quick turnaround on special orders.

Learn about our full line of degreasers and see what you can offer your customers here.