Fuller Re-Imagined—3 Ways Legendary Manufacturer Embraces the Future

Fuller Industries, Inc., is taking a major step into the future with significant investments in manufacturing, products, and especially its award-winning customer service team.

Here are three ways that commitment to quality benefits the brand’s valuable partners and the work they do:

1. Fuller committed a multi-million-dollar investment in its made in America facilities in Great Bend, Kansas, including key staffing hires, as well as a new high speed chemical filling line and advanced material handling for both Fuller-branded and private label products. “Getting the right people on board deploying and managing the equipment investments and processes allowed Fuller to rapidly move toward implementation of the new systems,” said Brett Hughes, Fuller Industries vice-president sales operations.

2. Effective May 1, Fuller Industries entered a nationwide partnership with Avision Sales Group, the largest U.S. manufacturers’ rep firm for the janitorial, food-service supplies, and industrial markets. This new partnership allows the market to benefit from best‐in‐class product technology with trusted local sales support, for faster, more personalized service across the country. “This partnership of two world-class organizations provides best-in-breed product technology with experienced local sales and service support,” stated Craig Rudin, Fuller Industries CEO.

3. Fuller continues to improve its focus and investment in innovation, technology, and sustainability. Fuller also has better water. Literally. “Our water supply comes from the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the largest in the world. The water is between two million and six million years old and very consistent in its makeup,” said Hughes. Fuller has been making products with this groundwater for over 50 years, ensuring each formulation they make benefits from superior consistency. As Hughes notes, “Nothing is made until the water passes all required testing.”

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