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Brake Parts Cleaner

Brake Parts Cleaner is a fast-acting, quick-evaporating cleaner that cuts through brake dust, oil, grease and other soils and leaves surfaces clean and dry. It leaves no residue and requires no clean up of product.

F767015 – 12/14 oz.

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For use on automobile & equipment parts, tools and other surfaces.

pH – N/A
Appearance – Clear, Thin Liquid
Fragrance – Solvent
Freezing Point – Below 32°F
Physical State – Liquid Under Pressure
Warehouse Storage – (NFPA) Level 3 Aerosol
Solubility in Water – Insoluble
Flash Point – No data available
Shake can well before use. Attach extension tube (optional) for tight spaces or to focus on a small area. Remove gross soils with a scraper, brush, cloth, etc. Hold can 6-8 inches away from the surface to be cleaned. Spray liberally until the desired result is achieved.

Acetone -67-64-1

Methyl alcohol – 67-56-1

Toluene – 108-88-3

Naphtha, petroleum, hydrotreated light -64742-49-0

Carbon dioxide – 124-38-9